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About the Project


Main aim

The main aim and the specific objectives of the proposed project are directly linked to the following specific priorities and topics of this call in the field of higher education.


Stimulating innovative learning & teaching practices, as the proposed project aims to

  1. provide Open Educational Resources (OER) ensuring seamless access to education for all students from the participating HEIs​

  2. design a learning ​outcomes-oriented curriculum that better meet the current skills demand of the tourism market on the sustainable tourism​

  3. develop an on-line course (e-classroom) using innovative pedagogies, such as gamification, and appropriate forms of assessment the acquired skills into the proposed e-course.


Promoting inter-connected higher education systems, as the proposed project aims to strengthen the strategic and structured cooperation among the 3 participating Higher Education Institutes fromItaly, Spain and Greece by

  1. developing and offering a joint transnational e-Course focused on the sustainable design and management of tourism destinations

  2. promoting the mutual recognition of qualifications and learning outcomes, based on bologna principles

  3. promoting the cooperation among the above HE Institutes in the process of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and namely to reinforce their ability to provide high quality, inclusive digital education.


Moreover, the proposed project addresses the Horizontal Priority

Environmental and fight against climate change, aiming at the improvement of the knowledge and skills of HE undergraduate students on issues concerning the sustainable design and management of tourism destinations by developing and offering a relative e-course.

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